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We have strategies in every segment like Cash, Future, Option [naked Option or Hedge Option or Option Strategies like STRADDLE, STRANGLE, BULL and BEAR SPREAD etc] and Commodities. If you want to trade by robot then we will implement the same strategy in the bot and provide you the LINK of the robot using which you can START your BOT, STOP your BOT or even DEACTIVATE your BOT. This BOT will punch orders based on the signal it gets from the STRATEGY that has been implemented. If you want to trade manually then we will provide you strategy with scanner access where you can activate setup alert on your mobile number and you can trade manually.


This is an intelligent ROBOT which will perform all your BUY and SELL actions based on the implemented strategy.

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It scans the Stock/Index/Option which are showing SHAKEOUT or BREAKOUT at important SUPPORT or RESISTANCE Level.

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Training will be provided along with our Inhouse charting software and indicators.

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How It Works ?

LIVE STRATEGIES: No need to download or install the software. Our software is in cloud and you will get a LINK and Login credentials of the software. Just click on the link, enter the credentials and you are ready to watch the LIVE SETUPS !!!
AUTOTRADING BOTS: We require your broker's Client ID to INTEGRATE the ROBOT in your trading account. We will Provide you the LINK of YOUR ROBOT, You Just need to click on he link, Enter your broker's credentials and you will find the options like, START ,STOP, DEACTIVATE ROBOT. Just Click on START ROBOT and you are done !!!! Your Robot will run 24X7 without any interruption.

About Us

We have developed various STOCK SCANNERS, TRADING ROBOTS, TRADING SYSTEMS on various markets. What differentiate us from others is the WAY WE THINK. We do not use the TRIVIAL methods of indicators while developing any of our trading systems, rather we TRY to use ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and DATA ANALYTICS to identify the NEXT BIG OPPORTUNITY. We look at the BIG PICTURE first and then develop our system in accordance with it

Our team of experts collaborates closely with clients to develop customized trading strategies optimized for their unique goals, risk tolerance, and market preferences. Whether it's trend-following, mean reversion, or machine learning-based strategies, Crazy Soft leverages state-of-the-art techniques to design strategies that deliver consistent results.

Trading robots can execute trades with split-second precision, which is crucial in high-frequency trading environments where even small delays can result in missed opportunities or losses.

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We have strategies in every segment of Cash, Future, Option and Commodities... If you want to do it manually then we will provide you strategy with scanner plus whatsapp alert where you need to punch order .. If you want to do it by robot then we will implement the same strategy into the bot and then provide it to you where you don't require to do anything robot with punch the order on the behalf of you.


DISCLAIMER :The strategy discussed or recommended here, may not be suitable for all investors. Investors must make their own investment decisions based on their specific investment objectives and financial position and only after consulting such independent advisors as may be necessary. Past performance do not guarantee theĀ futureĀ result.